Project Kozzi

Project Kozzi About

Project Kozzi is the interaction of keywords with the Google search engine algorithm.  View visual image collections curated by Google’s search engine algorithms, based on emotional keywords.

So what does “Interaction of keywords with the Google search engine algorithm” mean?

Every time we do a search, Google decides, based on their knowledge base, what results we see and read based. Our faith is in Google’s wisdom and guidance to provide the results they ‘believe’ we want. What is behind that list of search results, few of us really have any idea what’s going on. Some like Search Engine Watch believe that this kind of blind trust may be dangerous for content creators and consumers alike, both in terms of what we see and what we get. They question Google’s power of censorship and who controls the internet.

As a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expect myself, I view this as an opportunity. The goal of the Kozzi website is to add thousands of images from my vast portfolio of over 500,000 images. But you start to add this many images, they the site will start to look any of the photo services – even though every image is created by myself (Kozzi).

Project Kozzi was born.

What I am interested in is viewing how my viewers see my photographs and how it makes them ‘feel’. This is documented in the comments section of each image. Now — based on what information I provide, guests provide, guests interact, who links to pages, what people are saying about me or my images on any sites, etc … Google develops search results based on all this knowledge. In fact, Google will adjust and alter these results sometimes on a daily basis.

Project Kozzi Galleries

So with this in mind, I am able to do searches on Google and put in any keyword, or group of keywords, and Google will give me their top results. This is basically Google with their infinite knowledge base curating galleries based on ‘all available knowledge’. All I have to do is add the keyword ‘kozzi’ to any search and being a very unique keyword, the results be be limited to the Kozzi Images website and images.

I will experiment with search results and the galleries created and post them on Kozzi on a regular basis. I am pretty excited by this ongoing project. It has no time limit. The more images I add online and the more interaction from the web community, the more interesting the results will be.

So please take a minute and give me any comments and up to 10 emotional keywords.