Antarctica Glacier in the snow

Nature always seems to amaze us, even when we think we have seen it all before, she has the power to keep our attention for a little bit longer. Glaciers like Antarctica Glacier in the snow that drift along the sea in silent beauty are the prime example of nature’s phenomena that keeps us humble and yet so amazed. There is something special about them, the sheer proportion and perfect structures that look so different but so similar at the same time. It is only ice some would say, there is nothing special about it, however, there is no chance any man would be able to spare a couple of hundred years to cherish something and watch it grow as nature does. Yes, we the humans surely are capable of making magnificent structures in short periods of time but they are not as nearly as impressive as nature’s work with ice. Glaciers function almost as living breathing things. They expand and grow for years, slowly but surely freezing everything around them. It is quite extraordinary how they manage to keep their structure even when the weather is not on their side. Once formed the break-off and start their journey along the frozen sea, carried only by the weight of freshwater. They drift and amaze every living creature that meets them on the way, and when they reach the end of the journey. By splitting their icy structure, they send off their children to the shore, to start their own frozen journey. It is not only ice, but it can also be implemented and compared to us as well. Everything has a life, and everything ends no matter how wonderful and perfect it is. Nature surely has its way to remind us how small we are, but how many irreplaceable things we have to be grateful for. This image is part of the Dan Kosmayer signature series taken during a 3-week photographic tour on Antarctica. Gear: Hasselblad H3D camera, HCD 28mm lens. Settings: Focal length 28mm; exposure 1/250 sec; f16; ISO 50. GPS: 62°35’26.028″ S 59°54’38.651″ W
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hi, i really like this photo 🙂 and i would to ask a permission, is it ok if i print this image for my postcard? its not for commercial used, but i would be happy if my friend could recieve a postcard with this image on it. and ofc i’ll put credits on my postcard