Iceberg is Melting in Antartica


Iceberg is melting in this highly detailed image from my last Antartica tour. What makes this image particularly striking is the formation of the ice as the iceberg is melting. Is this rapid melting that is causing this sculpture-like quality. Is it due to global warming? Although this iceberg is tiny fraction of an ice shelf breaking off in Antartica, it still reveals the problem of global warming, and the beauty of this sculpture carved by nature.

What’s your thoughts on an iceberg in Antartica that melts like this? Let me know in the comments below.

Gear: Hasselblad H3D, Hasselblad HCD 28mm f/4 lens. 
Settings: Focal length 28mm; exposure 1/500 sec; f8; ISO 50.
GPS:64°43’22.752″ S 62°35’53.639″ W

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