2014 Toronto Honda Indy Race


Car on Lakeshore race track

The 2014 Indy Car series once again makes a stop in Toronto for a doubleheader this year. Toronto is my hometown, gave me a wonderful opportunity to shoot some Indy Car race stock images for Kozzi. This year I decided to travel light and bring my Leica M9, and as the gallery shows you can shoot pro-quality with a manual focus range finder.

For I short period of time, I got lucky and was able to shoot on the walking bridge over Lakeshore Blvd. that connects Ontario Place to the Ex. This was a valuable position as the race organizers normally don’t want people to stand right on top of the track (dead center) for fear that fans would drop things onto the track. Well, I sure took advantage of that.

Gear: Leica M9, Leica Apo-Summicron-M 75mm f/2 lens.
Settings: Focal length 75mm; exposure 1/2,000 sec; f/5.7; ISO 160.

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