Haliburton Forest trees and Rocks in Algonquin Park


Algonquin Park is just 10km north of our northern studio in Haliburton Ontario. This section is one of my favourite areas to visit as the trail leads to a nice 50 foot waterfall. Haliburton Forest trees is part of Algonquin Park. One of Canada’s largest and most popular parks.

Off to the side and in much of the Haliburton Highlands forest, are tall trees seemingly growing out of rocks? As the color under the forest canopy in the late fall is lackluster at best, I decided to create a bold toned black and white image. The deep browns and blacks help you feel the immense forest in front of you. This image is toned deep brown as opposed to the blue toning is my other Haliburton image.

Gear: Phase One P45+
Settings: ISO 50.
GPS: 45.200362, -78.154748

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