Old man biking street photograph Toronto


Going out and doing street photography on the streets of any town or city if full of wondrous visual stimuli.  Similar to New York, street photography in Toronto is amazing because of the many diverse cultures in the city.  But it is inevitable that the larger the city, the more interesting the street photography subjects you will find.

I love this image taken just yesterday.  While I was just walking around viewing some of the hundreds of photography exhibits during this years ‘Contact Photography Festival‘.  This old man cycling was a sudden surprise.  I was just about to cross the street of Dundas, when he happened across my path.  I quickly took a series of shots but sadly only two were in focus.  This one where he was on more of an angle, and another where he was dead on as I was manually panning.

When shooting street photography in Toronto or any other location, the lesson learned from this series of shots is keep your camera setting ready for anything.  I made the mistake of having the camera setting set for some back street laneway architecture shots (1/160 shutter and f/11, auto ISO) and lost the possibility of some even more interesting shots from a fast moving subject.  I normally try to keep my camera set to capture any spontaneous event that requires you to instantly lift the camera and shoot.  In good light, I try and have my shutter speed set to 1/400 (or more) and depth of field set to f/6.3.  With these settings, you will capture fast moving objects and keep them tact sharp.

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