Snow covered tree in Northern Canadian old Farmhouse


Fitting that I am writing this today as most of Southern Ontario Canada is under a ‘winter storm warning’. The snow covered trees in this black and white fine-art image is unique in its shape and gesture. I love the form of this old snow covered oak tree. Some oaks varieties live only 80 years, while others are living as long as 500 to 600 years.  I can’t be sure of the age of this majestic snow covered tree, but it has a feel of ancient old and wise member of the community.  It stands proud over the farm property near Wilberforce, Ontario and I am sure it has for generations.
The black and white photograph conversion adds the appearance of delicate detail in the tree’s branches.  If you look at this image of snow covered pine trees, they have a real wintery feel, but not the majestic feel of this old oak tree.

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