Snow Covered Trees in Haliburton Highlands Canada


The beauty of Canadian trees in the forest just after a fresh snowfall can be inspiring. This particular image in from the Haliburton Highlands region of snow covered trees in Northern Ontario, near Bancroft, Ontario.

This year we had a week of snow much earlier than other seasons. But what made this particular day special was the perfect conditions. By perfection conditions I mean the temperature was right at freezing, and there was zero breeze. So every flake of snow on these large trees did not fall off. Creating this winter wonderland effect. Which is in contrast to this snow covered image in Haliburton where the light is the dominate feature.

As the day was still cloudy with snow falling, and the massive amount of snow on these tree branches, there was very little colour. Therefore, it make the image of snow covered trees look more dramatic it was converted into the black and white photograph you see before you. To add to the feeling of cold, I added a Selenium toning which gives the image a slight blue tint.

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