Soldiers Marching War of 1812 Reenactment


This is a picture of Soldiers Marching War of 1812 Reenactment. The photo was taken by Don Kosmayer during a photo tour in Kingston Ontario Canada. The photo can be used to explain the historic War of 1812. This military war lasted for about two and a half years. The War of 1812 was mainly fought by The U.S.A against The United Kingdom of Ireland and Great Britain. The war was mainly fought in three war-zones. The first one was the sea where military vessels were attacking the vessels of the other nation. The second one was on the land where the United States fought with Great Britain and her allies. The land wars were on the Canadian frontier that ran along the Great lakes, The Northern ends of Lake Chaplain and the Saint Lawrence River. The third theater was in the southern parts of the United States that saw many battles in which Britain and her allies were defeated by the United States forces. After the war, all the fighting forces returned to the lands that they were occupying before the outbreak of the war. At the end of this war, The Treaty of Ghent was signed.

The war was caused by a number of reasons that include; British trade with France who was not allied with the United States, political conflicts in the United States, the British had started supporting the American Indian raids and the American Expansionism nature. In the war about 1500 British soldiers were killed, 4000 soldiers were wounded and about 3500 soldiers died from disease. An estimated amount of 15000 American soldiers died during the warring period. Both nations recorded a big debt to their national debt after the war. It is also during this war that about 4000 American slaves escaped to the lines of British and her allies. One of the major effects of this war was the burning of Washington DC.

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