Swamp forest and old bridge


Old bridges in the middle of nature have a mesmerizing appeal to them. They depict the juxtaposition of man and nature – a battle in which nature has always proven more powerful. These are the pictures photographers often look to shoot.

A picture can capture a moment like no other. Despite there being thousands of lakes strewn across Northern Ontario along with many small old bridges, this is the image to remember. It isn’t simply a little old bridge, but a moment of harmony between mankind and Mother Nature. The grunge effect upon the image further highlights the green within.

This, in turn, emphasizes the presence of the natural environment. It exudes the harmony between man and nature. Just as the bridge stands tall, it doesn’t take away the glory from its surroundings. The swamp envelops it completely while the still waters resound a sense of serenity. They reflect their surroundings with a mirror-like clarity, making for an alluring image composition. Perhaps this is what Dan Kosmayer saw in the scene as he clicked this shot.

It is located in Algonquin Park, which is known for its ecological diversity. In fact, this is perhaps the best place in all of Canada, nay, North America, to see the magnificent Moose. Unrivaled in the wide variety of plant and animal life present here, it is a popular destination for many. However, despite being a haven for nature-lovers, it is also filled with recreational activities for everyone. So it is no wonder that this is where man and nature seem to shake hands and bask in each others’ company. The image depicts a small snippet of this harmonious arrangement.

While there are many lakes and bridges in the area, this is the one that was immortalized by Dan Kosmayer. The scene has since entranced many viewers.

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