French Abbey Building


The image of an abandoned abbey building in rural France was captured during a drive north from Paris on our way to Mont Saint Michele. The entire dismantled abbey building or monstery was fenced off, but what left behind were some medieval buildings where I would image the monks lived. The difference between abbeys and monasteries is debatable. Some Roman Catholic’s claim that both places are the same as the two being named differently in varied locations. While other people suggest that the distinction is that monasteries are for monks while abbeys are for nuns.

I photograph the entire monastery or abbey but this one section, still intact, really caught my attention. I love the simplicity and balance of the various aspects of the image.

Gear: Hasselblad H3D-39 Camera, Hasselblad 50mm lens. 
Settings: Focal length 50mm; exposure 3.2 sec; f32; ISO 50.

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