Beautiful soft Tuscan landscape in Italy


Tuscan landscape Italy

This is an image of the beautiful soft Tuscany landscape in Italy. Dan Kosmayer authored the image. This is an image that can be used by the authority of the area to advertise its beautiful nature. Many regions of the world have always used these kinds of photos for advertisement purposes. This is solemnly purposed to attract more tourists-both local and international tourists. Tourism is a major foreign exchange earner for many countries in the world today and that is why many countries have always tried to advertise their tourist attractions.

Tuscany is a region that is located in the central parts of Italy. It covers an area of approximately 23000 square km with a population of about 3.8 million people. The region’s capital is Florence. The region is well known because of its beautiful landscapes, artistic legacy, historic and traditional sites. The region is also considered to be the home and origin of many artistic figures in Italy. It is home to many museums. Tuscany is also considered as one of the oldest producers of wine in Italy. The region is also referred to as a nation within a nation’ because of its strong linguistic and cultural identity. The city serves as a very big tourist destination in Italy and in 2012; its capital became the 89th most visited city in the world. The city had recorded a minimum of 1.8 million visitors.

This Tuscan landscape image can also be used in the awareness of environmental conservation. It can be used to show that a well-conserved environment is very attractive. Tuscany is a region that has continually developed measures to conserve its environment. This is the main reason why water the air and the general climate of this region is very flesh. The region is able to maintain its good environment considering that it has a very high population.

Gear: Phase One A/S P65+ camera.
Settings: Exposure 1/40 sec; f16; ISO 50.
GPS: 47°43’36.3″ N 25°36’50.417″ E

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