Hillside House with breathtaking views in Tuscany


Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta

17th century stone picturesque little chapel on a hillside, surrounded by vast hills and gardens of sunflowers, vines, olives, pine and cypress trees beyond. You can envision that the beautify views of the landscape have changed little throughout the centuries. The rolling hills and the mountains in the background on a pleasant late afternoon sunny day.

I had done a lot of research to try and find the best spot for this beautiful chapel near Siena in Tuscany. It’s well off the beaten track but so so so worth a visit. It is widely photographed and coming up with a different vantage point is a challenge. I fell in love with it, so peaceful and the most beautiful picture postcard photos.

Don’t miss this photo opportunity on your next visit to Tuscany.

Gear: Phase One P65+, Hasselblad 300mm lens. 
Settings: Focal length 300mm; exposure 1/45 sec; f8; ISO 50.
GPS:43.0582° N, 11.6061° E

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Kevin Wenning
Kevin Wenning

Good to know your settings on this. I’ve always been curious how people photograph Vitaleta Chapel from the main road; or rather how long of a lens you need to get close enough to fill most of the frame. I would not have guessed that you need 300mm or longer. This looks like you might be standing on a hill at the next agrotourism to the west though…?