Tuscany front door of a abandoned house


The Tuscany front door of an abandoned house

What is it with the abandoned places? The other day while i was taking a long, serene walk in Tuscany, i came across this shabby Tuscany front door which triggered my imagination so hard, that made me think about the family who originally lived there, decades ago, i suppose. It is an abandoned house that once was built with the best intentions. It faces the east, and a sweet light reaches the windows; the opposite mountain is so high that hides the view. But a treasure is hidden nearby, the river at the end of the slope.

There, back in the day, the villagers drank water and washed their clothes in the summer with a piece of green soap. It was the same river where the kids swam in the big heats and played with each other. Inside the house, there is an unfinished room. There is no floor, just some thick blocks of wood up to the opposite wall, where you can see a big window opening, from which the light enters. The children were sleeping in the front room during the summer. Two large windows overlooked the garden.

The huge comfortable bed with the handmade headboard was not theirs, it was inherited from an unhappy aunt, rich and unlucky, who had died from grief for a fiancé who left and never came back. In front of the blue, wooden door the neighbors gathered and fooled around in the afternoons, as people still regularly do in Italy. They laughed and sang, talked about their sufferings, their joys, their hopes.

At that time, people were afraid to hope. Gradually, they all went away, chasing the dream of a better life. The big door closed for good and the house became a desert landscape. Nearly fifty years later, it continues its solitary voyage in time, still waiting for new inhabitants. I took a picture and promised to come back in another fifty years.

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