Venice Italy Doorway with Vines Growing


The award-winning Venice Italy Doorway image was selected and featured in Black and White Magazine.

I was walking around the back alleys of the working district of Venice and happened to peek into a closed courtyard. The door immediately caught my attention. I quickly opened the gate and maneuvered around many articles of clothing that were hung up to dry to obtain an unobstructed view of the door where a took a few shots.

The photograph of the Venice Italy doorway worked perfectly in black and white as opposed to a color version of another Italian or Indian doorway. It brings out the mystery of the doorway that was possibly over 100 years old and has not been opened in years in not decades. Just gives the viewer a sense of mystery. What is behind that door that exhibits so much history in its weather wood grain?

Gear: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, Canon 35mm lens f/1.4. 
Settings: Focal length 35mm; exposure 1.6 sec; f22; ISO 100.

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