Cathedral Church Brasov Romania


Black Church named because of a long-ago fire

The 14th-century Lutheran Black Church in Brasov, Romania (south-eastern Transylvania, Romania) was originally a Roman Catholic church named The Church of Saint Mary. It single bell tower stands 65 meters tall, and boasts the single largest bell in Romania, weighing in at 6 tons. Competed in the 15th century, the church is considered to have a ‘Gothic’ architectural style.

During the Great Turkish War, the church as partially burned down in 1,689. From this fire, the church was referred to as the ‘Black Church’ because the wall and roof were blackened from the fire.

Although the church was originally a Catholic Cathedral, the church services became Lutheran during the Protestant Reformation. There are many interesting facts and legends regarding the church that can be found at the Romanian tourist website.

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GPS: 45°38’34.2″ N 25°35’12.425″ E

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