California Ghost Towns


Bodie California Old West Town Historic Building

There are many abandoned towns for the photographer to walk through, but not many California Ghost Towns like Bodie. During the 19th century, was the dawn of America’s gold rush. Settlements like Bodie Californa sprung up across America. As gold and silver deposits dried up, these small settlements were abandoned. They became the ghost towns of a forgotten era.

California Ghost Towns like Bodie, a mining camp was established in 1859, boomed for several decades with discoveries of gold. As new gold deposits discoveries faded, and existing mines exhausted, the town was in serious decline. In 1918 Bodie was abandoned. Today, California State Park authority manages Bodie, and it is the best-preserved California Ghost Towns in the United States. There are 110 structures still standing. The photographer can explore the old post office, original homes even with original furnishings and stamp mill. A century-old snapshot frozen in time!

Gear: Phase One A/S camera 
Settings: Exposure 1/15 sec; f8; ISO 50.

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