Chicago Bean Building Reflection black and white


Chicago Bean Image City Art

The black and white Chicago bean image is a work of art taking advantage of the bean’s reflective nature and art to come up with even better art. The Black and white Chicago Cloud Gate “The Bean” sculpture with Chicago skyline reflection offers a whole new dimension to how we see colors. Regardless of the lack of the black and white coloring on the reflection in the image, the beauty of Chicago’s nightlife is even more lively and beautiful. It is basically a simple tweak to create a complex illustration of art in modern life.

The Chicago Bean Image is a Cloud Gate masterpiece Sculpture, also referred to as the “bean,” has become one of the most popular highlights and the newest landmarks in Chicago that has attracted the attention of many people since it was put up. It was designed by Anish Kapoor.  The beautiful Bean sculpture consists of 168 highly-polished stainless-steel plates to give it the mercury liquid appearance. An up close look reveals the beauty of the bean with its distorted reflections of the breath taking Chicago Skyline. The Chicago Bean Building Reflection black and white image is a clear indication that there’s more to an image than color.