Chicago Building Reflection


Chicago Building Reflection Image

Most Intricate And Amazingly Reflective! Building reflection images of Chicago has become incredibly popular in the world of photography. Reflection photographs captivate the minds of people because of the natural painterly effects and strong symmetrical compositions that can be achieved with a building reflective image like this. This image is simple and straight forward, but at the same time, it also provides more in-depth with illusion and detail. All these factors make this image a great one.

This image is taken without the interference of floating clods of dirt, large wings, cigarette butts, etc. It is also free from undesirable obstructions, which is very common in certain situations. This picture also ensures an uninterrupted glass-like surface. Buildings are always inspiring with their size, design, and detail. It can be abandoned, modern, historical, small or tall, but all of them tell a story about a place and people in that place. This artistic and dramatic photograph of the building also helps you to share your impressions with others.

This picture is not captured from the straight direction. It has taken from really a low angle. In order to provide the best creative and different look, this image is taken from different perspective and angles. It also reveals something new and it has some intricate meaning as well.

It is very difficult to shoot reflective pictures. The light and shade should be favorable to get nice images. Stunning images cannot be captured if the day is sunny and light is too harsh or bright. However, this picture was taken before sunset, so it produces the best result!

Timing is everything while taking building reflective image. Unlike the usual building reflective images, this photograph does not bring the elements of clouds. Clouds can really help to bring dramatic skies. However, this element is abstract in this stunning image.

This Chicago building reflection image was taken in the evening. It tells the amazing beauty of black and white reflective photography. This building reflective image is a part of Dan Kosmayer Signature Series Images.

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