Chicago illuminated buildings at night


Chicago at night with a reflection on the water

This Chicago at night image captures a panoramic view of the Chicago over the lake. The perfect example of fine photography, it shows clear skies punctuated by high-rise buildings and towers that stand tall in their magnificence. The illuminated buildings serve as a stark contrast to the midnight blue glow of the sky. A combination of wondrous lighting and striking contrast make this image a very rare one. The illuminated spirals of the towers coupled to the glassy appearance of the buildings lend it a unique brilliance. The mirror-like water body that rests alongside the buildings lends an undertone effect that heightens the lighting display and makes the image a lingering one. The dim reflection of lights on the water almost seems like a figment of imagination, than an actual photograph.

Chicago Illinois USA Cityscape

However, it’s not the lights, or the sky or the water, but the unique interplay of building patterns that literally take the breath away. A random assortment of steel, glass and terracotta-coated buildings studded with brilliant lights offer a pristine appearance of the cityscape. Thus, it may be rightfully said that this image is indeed the best shot of the city.

Gear: Canon EOS-5D Mark II, EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens.
Settings: Focal length 70mm; exposure 13 sec; f/8; ISO 100.

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