Desert grasses with fluffy clouds


Have you ever been to that magical place in the middle of nowhere where you just sat and absorbed all the glory that nature has to offer? It may have been in the mountains, the forests or the desert. Well, this image is sure to bring up the same sorts of awe-inspiring emotion that other scenes of nature have initiated in you.
This desert wilderness image does wonders for the spirit. Just looking at it can bring you into a deep meditative state, or perhaps a contemplative one. As an image, this desert wilderness image speaks for itself in the way of beauty and depth. It is stark and desolate, evoking images of cowboys, trancing native Americans that all American image of the eagle.

It is not as harsh as a full-on desert image. It brings to the forefront fluffy grasses which you can imagine whisper to each other on a windy day. The lone tree is well contrasted against a blue distant mountain background. Just beyond the fringe of the grassy bush, this desert wilderness image has a strip of plain. It is this area in which you can conjure up the sights and sounds of wild horses running, their rhythmic beating hooves and wild manes galloping in the distance.

Further on, the eye catches an expanse of blue and white. The sky has a perfect crisp blue color, like the tip of an iceberg. The clouds seem to dance and are buoyant on its sharpness. Just emerging from this expanse of blue has been alone mountain, encased in a swirl of clouds and undulating blue colors. To the right of the image is another, smaller mountain which reflects the sunlight off its long incline. Mystery and intrigue bring this image to life with subtlety and smoothness.

Gear: Phase One P65+, Hasselblad 50mm Lens.
Settings: Exposure 1/10 sec; f8; ISO 50.

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