DeSoto Salon Route 66 Arizona


Along Route 66 Ash Fork Arizona

Driving the ‘Mother Road’ and get a dose of Route 66 nostalgia. John Steinbeck’s book ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ first referred to Route 66 as the ‘Mother Road.’ Route 66 highway built in the early 1920s gave many small towns their first access to a major road. The retro-looking cafe and Arizona Route 66 signs are always fun to photograph on a road trip through historic old towns.

DeSoto’s Salon has an actual 60s era ‘Desoto Car’ on its roof, with Elvis driving. Although now closed, the DeSoto’s Salon in Ash Fork remains a classic Route 66 attraction.

Gear: Phase One A/S P65+ Camera 
Settings: Focal length 80mm; exposure 1/125 sec; f16; ISO 50.
GPS:35.225689, -112.483648

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