Dramatic sky in the desert


Desert Dramatic sky

Shot this image in the American southwest near sunset.  What makes this shop special is the fact that such dramatic cloud formations are rare in the desert.  I have made dozens of trips to the southwest and when you get experience the beauty of the colourful landscape, you just want to return over and over again.

Dramatic desert landscape shows bold contrast between the elegant blue sky and the red vast desert. The vast desert leads you to image the heavens are beyond the horizon and that there is something greater out there. The light glimmers off the mountainous outreach. Fabulous colour contrast immerses the observer in its tranquillity yet harshness of the landscape. The foreground identifies minimal grass and vegetation, and a significant rocky outcrop, which is deceivingly small, yet enormous close up. The far ground draws your eye to the mountains, the adventure, the amazing expanse of the world that is out there. It entrances the viewing into another dimension, another fantasy. The dramatic contrast mesmerise the observer into another word.

The cool blues mix magically with the light beaming over the mountain, and the red sand of the desert. The contrast sets the mood for the entire image. the image would have taken the photographer a long time to perfect, creating the right timing for the sunlight, the right weather conditions. The ability to time these aspects must have taken some time to perfect. On the contrary, the photographer may have also used some computer graphic imagery to enhance the image, as the colours and contrast are impeccable for a natural landscape. Beyond the photo, the photographer has enabled the viewer to realise that there is far more than meets the eye, there is a vast expanse of the “unknown” which is yet to be discovered. This is portrayed through the use of the light beaming over the horizon, the nature and aspect of the desert and the seemingly endless desert surrounding the image. The viewer perceives that the desert continues for ever, into a new and mythical world. The dramatic expense entices the viewer to believe that there is more than meets the eye, in the world we live in.

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