Manhattan Graffiti Art


Graffiti art provides a story of Manhattan neighborhood

There are many stylish names or signatures all around the walls. All these crazy writings clearly pull the voices of many people. This graffiti art provides a story of neighborhood and its crew. Several massages can easily be read, for example woe, m6 and so. This is not a typical type of street art but a mixed graffiti art. It’s not that well organized but raw. It indicates immature artists and random styles with variety of materials.

Immature and unorganized art often indicates control and dominating attitude. This Graffiti Manhattan Art is a combination of phrase and image. Several techniques and illusions can be seen in this art. There are some political bent also that higher the art to a new level.
The mosaic pattern of the art shows us that it is done over illegal wall and not by any formal group or crew. There are series of connected phrases, signature, images and dialogues. Work done with block words and phrases are amazing. It has a dirt taste of eye which brings out the truthfulness, honesty and purity out of all that scattering blocks and cartoon hand-figures.

A work with roller brush can be seen. There are presence of colors, shades and shadows doing a mutual covering accomplishing each other. The roller brush has been used for drop shadows and intentional drips. Marker, aerosol spray and paints have been used to spot the walls amazingly. True graffiti art talent of Manhattan can be described through this art. It is completely unique style and idea.

This is a wild style creation. It generally leaves messages regarding social impacts, goals, political impacts and hidden news. Such complicated wildstyle art are fun part for experts and practitioners.

Graffiti art are normally hasty and are of swift technique. This Manhattan art is a complete fair judge to graffiti art.


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