Mono Lake Sunrise


The sunrise casts many colors over Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Good Mono Lake Images Can Stir Certain Emotions

There are a number of beautiful and bright colors that could fall over Mono Lake. The truth is that the rocks in the photo seem to have a glacial quality. You are going to see the separation between the rocks in this given image. You may even see the fact that there is a certain amount of separation between the rocks. The truth is that some rocks are going to please the human eye, no question about it.

There are some people that may look at the mono lake photograph and start to get romantic about things. You may look at that beautiful sunset and begin to think about different loves that you had in the past. People can also talk about how this sort of thing can end up making a great painting. You have to understand that these photos do not necessarily look the same to everyone. A mono lake image can certainly make you want to spend a certain amount of time on a trip.

Gear: Phase One P65+
Settings: Exposure 1 sec; f8; ISO 50.

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