New York City Aerial


New York City Aerial View of Iconic Cityscape

This is a truly iconic photo of New York City Aerial. It sounds strange to say that seeing we are talking about the New York cityscape, one of the most photographed views in the world. But it is both the setting and the time period that matters in this photo. It is an inspirational piece which captures the spirit and promise of the city known as the Big Apple at an age gone by.

This black and white photo was taken before the construction of the World Trade Center twin towers which for years became such a defining element of the Manhattan skyline. The photo also shows early evening traffic makes its way sedately in and out of the city over the Manhattan bridge in the gathering twilight. You can tell it is darkening as the cars heading towards the photographer have their headlights on.

The photo itself is serene and yet completely impersonal. Despite the fact that there is at least one of the buildings captured in close profile with details such as windows and doorways clearly visible, there is not a single human insight. Of course, the busy motorized traffic quickly dispels the notion this could be a post-apocalyptic scene.

Indeed, the photo may look serene on the foreground but the rest of it (tall skyscrapers and grey skies are better described as foreboding). A closer look at the comparatively sparse traffic reveals that it is just after a downpour. It is the only reason why there is a distinct reflective glare where the headlight beams strike the wet asphalt. The placid waters, to all intents and purposes unmoving beneath the bridge, further reinforce the pacific nature of this photo.

As home to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square as well as other iconic sites and landmarks, New York is a place quite unlike any other. This classic photo captures the indomitable spirit of this restless corner of the globe.

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