New York Skyline Architectural Detail


Kurt Vonnegut famously labeled New York City as “Sky Scraper National Park.” I can not agree more. The city is filled with tall buildings, and many of them stunningly beautiful.

The architectural detail in this image use light, line, and form to create a great architectural photograph. This image shot with a Nikon D4s (1/800 sec at f / 6.3) ISO 140. I zoomed in with the Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens to isolate the various buildings. Several of the buildings highlighted with sunlight and others cast in shadow. Which is what I was looking for when I composed this image.

In Adobe Lightroom, I switched the image to Black and White, under-exposed, and boosted the highlights to exaggerate the shadows further. The image was slightly adjusted so that the leading lines were perfectly vertical.

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