Sand dunes with mountains


Sand dunes with mountains in Death Valley

Sand dunes are gentle slopes of soft infinite grains of windblown sand. Here is a beautiful desert landscape image showing ridges of enormous dunes. The location is Death Valley, it has sand that forms endless ridges that complexes and mounds into mountains. The desert landscape image here is a representation of small mountains formed from the desert storms that involves sand grains. It shows an attractive horizon that gives a glare to the extents sand dunes can cover.

This natural desert wonders tower beautifully below the blue sky and majestically stands to incredible heights in the brown earth of Death Valley. The desert landscape image significantly shows how the whole desert can be covered with sand dunes big enough to be mountains and others molding into crescent-like ridges. The landscape here take different shapes due to the influence of wind direction and also depends on the amount and size of the sand.

Gear: Phase One P65+, Hasselblad 50mm Lens
Settings: Exposure 1/125 sec; f16; ISO 50.

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