Zabriskie Point


Zabriskie Point brilliant colors surrounding mountain tops in Death Valley

This image of Zabriskie Point Death Valley shows the many layers and textures of the natural views of Nevada. Nevada is full of sloped ranges and desert fields. It characterizes beautifully rolling hills and slopes, occupying the majority of Western Nevada. These plains are shown in this photo using the many colors of sunlight and shades to highlight their beauty.

This area was scoured by old ice glaciers and the resulting beautiful landscape is shown here in this photo. The dry weather creates cracks in the rocks and the sand and soil is harsh and dry, with certain areas being drier than others, depicted as a lighter shade of mustard brown in this photo. Fading into the distance, the sky touches the horizon and delicately drapes the edges of this photo with blues that turn into purple hues when touching the brown rock hardened edges of the ground. This photo shows that the land and plains of Nevada are vast, but not without texture and colour.

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